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Van Houtte DECAF Swiss Water 24ct

Van Houtte DECAF Swiss Water 24ct

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When a light roasted decaf is what you're after, we can help! Van Houtte Swiss Water Decaf is a great tasting decaf coffee that you can count on to still have that great flavour profile all coffees should have. This decaf is light with an earthy note and a slight nutty flavour. When you hit brew you will be welcomed with a robust aroma. Van Houtte Swiss Water Decaf is definitely what you should be drinking if you're a light roast decaf drinker. Aside from having a great, unique flavour, it is also decaffeinated via the Swiss Water Process. While other coffees use harsh chemicals to decaffeinate their beans, this one just uses water! It makes you wonder why you would ever choose anything else?! Van Houtte Swiss Water Decaf is just one of many Swiss Water decafs that Markcol carries. Just look for the Swiss Water logo on the box! Van Houtte Swiss Water Decaf is the perfect choice when you want to hold off on the caffeine but still have a great tasting cup of coffee! Serve it to anyone needing decaf and they won't be disappointed! Also feel good about the fact that there were not chemicals used in the decaffeination process!

Van Houtte Swiss Water Decaf is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

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