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About Markcol Coffee

Markcol is a leading Canadian single cup beverage provider with our Head Office located in Bowmanville, Ontario. We have been in business since 1999, delivering and servicing the Commercial and Residential beverage market to the best of our ability. Our business has changed over the last few years. Out with the big heavy water delivery vehicles and in with the light, boxy coffee and tea. When we made the switch to coffee, K-Cups Single Cup Coffee, and tea from wine and water it was an easy decision. Well, easy in the sense that we no longer had to worry about all the issues that go along with running a fleet of heavy commercial trucks, frozen water bottles exploding, or having wine ready in time for customers to bottle. A new set of challenges came when we entered into the world of Coffee and Tea and we were more than happy to tackle them.

An IDea was born.

I will tell you a little secret. When I started selling K-Cups Single Cup Coffee I had drank less than 5 cups of coffee in my lifetime. I honestly had no idea if the product was as good as the pitch. I did my homework, gave a machine to the most discerning coffee drinkers within an arms reach and asked the question ‘Is this worth .62 cents to you?’. The coffee gurus I knew said ‘absolutely’ and the rest is history. I am now a coffee snob to the finest degree! Give it to me dark and fresh or don’t give it to me at all.Where did Markcol come from?People ask us all the time where did the name Markcol come from. To be honest, there are probably a thousand names better suited to describe what our business is all about. But it’s too late to turn back now!I thought for the longest time that I would reveal to our faithful and curious customers the meaning behind Markcol in one of the newsletters that my wife Shawna compiles for us each month. Then it dawned on me that not everyone would receive that and the mystery of the name Markcol would continue to be a mystery. So here it is. My name is Mark Abernethy, owner of Markcol. I have an older brother named Colin, that used to be my partner in a Corporate Water Delivery Business. The corporate name that we chose meant nothing to us at the time in terms of who saw it, because the side of our trucks displayed the polished name and colours of the company we were delivering for.When we went to incorporate we mashed our names together and fortunately for me there were very few options available with COL at the beginning of the name. Colin and I are great friends, there was no love lost when we decided to go our own way. So there you have it. People call me Markcol all the time. I am fine with it, actually it’s kind of funny. I just always wondered where a man like ‘Markcol’ would come from? Would he be Swiss, Eastern European, not really sure because I don’t know anyone else named Markcol, but I’m sure he would love K-Cups Single Cup Coffee.

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