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Timothy's French Vanilla 24ct

Timothy's French Vanilla 24ct

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Smell the sweet delicate flavours of France at home everyday! Timothy's French Vanilla is a medium roasted flavoured coffee with the sweet flavour of French Vanilla. This coffee perfectly pairs with a macaroon or any other delicious Parisian pastries! You may be wondering what the difference between "french vanilla" and regular "vanilla" is. The "French" in the name refers to the way that French Vanilla ice cream is made! If you like a few scoops of this sweet treat on a sunny day, then Timothy's French Vanilla is a great way to have it all year round! Not to mention that it is fat, calorie, and sugar free! Timothy's French Vanilla flavoured coffee is roasted to perfection, giving it a smooth clean finish with no bitter taste! The French Vanilla flavour really shines through in this coffee. It is noticeable, distinct, and delicious! The perfect balance of coffee taste and French Vanilla flavour! Whether this is your treat coffee, or your everyday go-to, the flavour is sure to impress! J'adore Timothy's French Vanilla!

Timothy's French Vanilla is Keurig 2.0 compatible!

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