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Timothy's Decaf Colombian 24ct

Timothy's Decaf Colombian 24ct

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All the flavour of your favourite Colombian coffee, without the caffeine! Timothy's Decaf Colombian gives you the authentic experience of a Colombian coffee in a decaf k-cup pack for those of us that enjoy the flavour but not the kick of coffee! This decaf is a smooth medium roast with vibrant flavours reminiscent of the land it originated in! It is 100% origin Colombian coffee so you can expect that rich flavour that makes Colombian coffee some of our favourite! When you take a sip of Timothy's Decaf Colombian you will be greeted with a well balanced acidity and rich flavours. When drinking a decaf, sometimes flavour is lost in the decaffeination process; That is not the case for Timothy's Decaf Colombian! You can be confident you are getting the rich full flavours with this coffee, without missing out! Timothy's Decaf Colombian can be enjoyed morning or night, whatever you prefer, and it won't keep you up. Sometimes you just want a coffee without worrying about not being able to sleep. With Timothy's Decaf Colombian you won't even be able to tell you're drinking a decaf!

Timothy's Decaf Colombian is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

Timothy's Decaf Colombian is decaffeinated using the Methylene Chloride method.

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