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Martinson French Roast 24ct

Martinson French Roast 24ct

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An eye opening cup of coffee every time. Martinson French Roast has deep, dark flavours that will appeal to those who like their coffee as dark as they can get it. A sip of this coffee will prepare you for any tasks your day throws at you. Especially on the days where getting out of bed just seems to be an impossible feat. If you're looking for the darkest coffees available to you, always look for a French Roast. These coffees are as dark as they come. A French Roast coffee is roasted to the point just before the bean is burnt and unusable. That's why most French Roast coffees have a slight bitter taste to them. Martinson French Roast is outfitted with a Flavour Max filter by Real Cup. This means that you get all of the natural oils and flavours flowing right into your mug every time you brew. All you have to do is look for the Real Cup logo on your box of k-cups to know you're getting the great quality you want.

Martinson French Roast is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

Martinson French Roast is now available in an eco-cup format. Simply follow the directions on the side of the box to find out how to easily dispose of the plastic cup into your blue bin. Recyclable.

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