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Guy Fieri Hot Fudge Brownie 24ct

Guy Fieri Hot Fudge Brownie 24ct

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There's good reason as to why this line of k-cups is called "Flavourtown Roasts". And who better than to bring you these killer flavours than this dude. Guy Fieri Hot Fudge Brownie is a sinful chocolate on chocolate flavour. If you're a chocolate lover, this coffee will be a staple in your household. Each cup brews up an aroma of intense chocolate, it will smell just like someone is baking a fresh batch of delectable brownies. All the flavour of a delicious treat without any guilt because this treat is calorie, sugar, and fat free! Guy Fieri Hot Fudge Brownie is a light roast flavoured coffee. Flavoured coffees are created by simply spraying a flavoured oil over the beans as they are roasting. This means there is no calories or fat to worry about while drinking flavoured coffee! The delicious flavours of a Hot Fudge Brownie available to you at any time of day! Enjoy a chocolatey treat first thing in the morning if you wanted to!

Guy Fieri Hot Fudge Brownie is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

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