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Green Mountain Half-Caff 24ct (Best Before Date August 9th 2024)

Green Mountain Half-Caff 24ct (Best Before Date August 9th 2024)

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Sometimes all the caffeine in a regular coffee isn't ideal for everyone. That's why Green Mountain Half-Caff was invented! The perfect solution for those of us that need a small pick me up, or enjoy a little bit of caffeine in the evening. Green Mountain Half-Caff is a medium roast arabica that has all the flavour of a regular coffee, with half the caffeine content. A happy medium when a little bit is just enough. With no bitter taste and an incredible aroma, this coffee is the answer for anyone avoiding caffeine for any reason. Before you ditch the caffeine all together, try Green Mountain Half-Caff! Sometimes the answer to kicking the caffeine habit is simply reducing it! Just by taking away half the caffeine, you will find major differences in how you react to drinking a caffeinated coffee. Green Mountain Half-Caff has a smooth flavour, and you can drink it for an afternoon pick me up without it keeping you up at night! The perfect cup of coffee for those with a sensitivity to caffeine but don't want to ditch it all together!

Green Mountain Half-Caff is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

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