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Barista Prima Colombia 24ct

Barista Prima Colombia 24ct

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It's said that a good French Roast is a testament to a great roasters artistry. We couldn't agree more. Barista Prima French Roast is one of the most popular French Roasts available on our shelves here at Markcol. This dark roast is intense yet so full of flavour it will have you wondering how they created a robust dark roast that is so delicious. French Roast beans are heated to just before the point of burnin them, then they are removed from the heat to reveal their rich, full flavoured complexity. If you are brave enough to drink a French Roast, we commend you! Barista Prima French roast is quite literally the darkest coffee available at Markcol. While some may shy away from this intense dark roast, we recommend giving it a try if you like exquisite coffee with a European flare. Barista Prima French Roast is a must try for dark roast lovers. Intense flavours for the bravest of dark roast drinkers. Do you dare to try this one?

Barista Prima French Roast is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

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