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Wolfgang Puck Go Bold 24ct

Wolfgang Puck Go Bold 24ct

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When it comes to coffee, for some people, the darker the better. Wolfgang Puck Go Bold is for those of us that can't find a coffee dark enough! This French roasted coffee is dark, robust, and, you guessed it, bold! Wolfgang Puck Go Bold is expertly roasted and contains 100% estate grown Arabica coffee. Wolfgang Puck Go Bold is a complex blend with a hint of chocolate flavour and a mild fruity finish, which is what makes this such a great French roast. You may try and find other dark roasts, but this is the one you will keep coming back to again and again. It's everything you could ask for in a bold dark roast. Did you know that French Roast coffee is the darkest you can go before the bean is burnt and bitter? That's why it takes a skilled, master roaster to come up with the finest French roast coffee. With sophisticated flavour, you have to put this coffee on your "must try" list! You'll be glad you did. As a newer coffee to Markcol, Wolfgang Puck Go Bold has quickly become a hot seller, and the French roast everyone seems to be turning to!

Wolfgang Puck Go Bold is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

Wolfgang Puck Go Bold is now available in an environmentally friendly eco-cup format. This means you can easily separate the filter from the plastic cup, and toss the plastic right into your blue bin! Recyclable.

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