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Van Houtte Butterscotch 24ct (Best Before Date March 3 2022)

Van Houtte Butterscotch 24ct (Best Before Date March 3 2022)

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Treat yourself to a decadent flavoured coffee. Van Houtte Butterscotch is the perfect balance of caramel with a slight twist of vanilla. A light roasted coffee that will seduce your taste buds from first sip to last. Who doesn't love the flavour of butterscotch? Reminiscent of small town carnivals and now you can have it every morning or whenever the craving for something sweet strikes! Van Houtte Butterscotch is caramellly goodness with just a hint of vanilla flavour to make it an exciting and unique flavoured coffee experience. Flavoured coffee does not have any sugars or dairy added to them so you can enjoy great flavours without worrying about calories. Van Houtte Butterscotch has been a customer favourite for years because of its simplistic classic flavour that everyone loves! For maximum flavour quality, we always recommend brewing your k-cup on an 8oz setting. This allows the full potential of the coffee to be met. By adding more water (moving up a cup size), you aren't getting the full intended flavour from your coffee. Van Houtte Butterscotch is a k-cup you don't want to miss out on. Treat yourself to the great flavour of butterscotch that will take you back to simpler days.

Van Houtte Butterscotch is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

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