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Twisted Pine Wakey Wakey 24ct

Twisted Pine Wakey Wakey 24ct

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If the name wasn't enough to make you want to try it, the great tasted should do the trick! Twisted Pine Wakey Wakey is a highly caffeinated medium roast coffee that is sure to get you moving in the morning. With a name like "Wakey Wakey" you have to trust it to do its job. This coffee uses some of the most caffeinated beans that are roasted to medium perfection. A great tasting cup of coffee when you can't keep your eyes open. So AKA, drinking it EVERY DAY! Twisted Pine Wakey Wakey has great coffee flavour in every sip. Slightly bold with a clean finish. Smooth and not bitter. If you're looking for a coffee with enough caffeine to get through an all night shift at work, or you just have a bad case of the Monday's, Twisted Pine Wakey Wakey promises to do the trick! Massively caffeinated with a great coffee flavour. You'll love the benefit of drinking this coffee every day, and facing each day with an alert and awake mind.

Twisted Pine Wakey Wakey is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

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