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Twisted Pine DECAF Irish Creme 24ct

Twisted Pine DECAF Irish Creme 24ct

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A little bit of Irish flavour mixed in with a great cup of decaf coffee. Twisted Pine Decaf Irish Creme coffee is smooth and satisfying in flavour. You'll be feeling just as lucky as the Irish every time you brew a cup of this flavoured decaf. Twisted Pine Decaf Irish Creme is makes a great after dinner coffee, and for an even more exciting coffee experience don't be afraid to throw in a splash or Irish Creme liquor to enjoy too! The flavour of Irish Creme is unmistakable, from the second  you hit brew to the second you take your last sip. Although sometimes decaf can be boring in flavour, Twisted Pine Decaf Irish Creme will prove to you that a decaf can be enjoyed just as much as regular coffee! Twisted Pine Decaf Irish Creme has been decaffeinated via the Swiss Water Process! A great way to enjoy decaf without the use of harsh chemicals. With a flavour like this your coffee is anything but boring. A medium roast flavoured coffee to give you the perfect mix of coffee flavour with the velvety smooth flavour of Irish Creme. This coffee could be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Twisted Pine Decaf Irish Creme is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

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