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Twisted Pine DECAF Crème Brulee 24ct

Twisted Pine DECAF Crème Brulee 24ct

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Skip the dessert and go right for the coffee! Twisted Pine Decaf Crème Brulee coffee gives you all the flavours of this decadent, rich dessert but in a k-cup format you can enjoy any time of day! This medium roast uses only the finest Arabica beans while crafting this full bodied decaf. The flavours in a delicious crème brulee are delicious and creamy flavours of vanilla and caramel. That's exactly the flavour profile you will find in every brewed cup of Twisted Pine Decaf Crème Brulee. Enjoy this delicious, special occasion dessert any time of day, and because there are no sugars or calories added to flavoured coffees, you can enjoy this treat guilt free! Twisted Pine Decaf Crème Brulee is made using a medium roasted Arabica. Most flavoured coffees are made with a light roast coffee, which could be a problem for people who like a flavoured coffee but find light coffees too weak. Now you can have delicious flavours you crave in a delicious, full bodied medium roast.

Twisted Pine Decaf Crème Brulee is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

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