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Tully's French Roast 24ct (SALE!!!BBD March 25th 2021 DISCONTINUED)

Tully's French Roast 24ct (SALE!!!BBD March 25th 2021 DISCONTINUED)

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A coffee with a real kick whenever you need it. Tully's French Roast is one of the strongest coffees we keep on our shelves. This dark, intense coffee promises to serve up the bold robust flavours you'd expect from a french roast. Every time you brew, you will immediately be hit with the intense, mouth watering aroma of a great cup of coffee. Just like the coffee you'd be served in a fancy French cafe. Tully's French Roast is smoky and full flavour. We recommend this coffee to anyone looking to step out of their dark roast comfort zone and try the delicately roasted k-cup. French roast coffees are roasted to just before the point of burning to reveal all of the flavours that each bean has to offer. Tully's French Roast is bold and is the perfect way to kick start your morning into high gear. Tully's French Roast is the strongest coffee in the Tully's family and also one of the most popular. You can't beat the robust flavours of this coffee. Taste the real flavours that coffee has to offer with the expertly roasted French Roast. This coffee is extra bold, which means there is more coffee packed into each k-cup, maximizing flavour and intensity.

Tully's French Roast is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!


Discontinued by the manufacturer.

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