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Torani Italian Roast 24ct DISCONTINUED (Best Before Date December 21, 2021)

Torani Italian Roast 24ct DISCONTINUED (Best Before Date December 21, 2021)

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A coffee for the Italian roots in everybody. Dark roast coffee is serious business, and so is this k-cup! Torani Italian Roast was created to bring the bold European flavours of Italian roast coffee to your Keurig brewer. When you brew a cup of this dark roasted coffee you will be greeted with flavour notes of toasted nuts and an underlying flavour of dark chocolate. Torani Italian Roast is a full bodied coffee with a hint of sweetness at the end of every sip. Bring bold Italian flavours to your kitchen every day! The aroma of this coffee is both toasty and bold, the 30 second it takes to brew will seem like an eternity. Torani Italian Roast is a great starting point for a new dark roast drinker! While it has a full bodied flavour, it also has a smooth finish. The unique flavour of a coffee really lies in the process of roasting the beans, and when you taste this dark roast, you will be tasting the thoughtful process in which Torani is known for.

Torani Italian Roast is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

Discontinued by the manufacturer.

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