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Torani Breakfast Blend 24ct

Torani Breakfast Blend 24ct

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The beginning of the day should always start with a great breakfast blend! Torani Breakfast Blend will make a great addition to your morning. Brighten your day with this smooth and aromatic blend. This light roast coffee is expertly roasted to give you a light roasted coffee with a great flavour profile. When you hit brew on this k-cup citrus notes will fill the air and awaken your senses. What more could you ask from your morning coffee? A perfectly balanced blend to give you a great platform for a perfectly balanced day! Did you know that light roast coffee has the highest caffeine content? This is why most light roasts are called "Breakfast Blend"; Because you drink them first thing in the morning to get you moving with that kick of caffeine. Torani Breakfast Blend is a coffee you can rely on morning to morning. If your mornings are hectic, relax and take a moment to enjoy a cup of coffee that everyone deserves to start their morning with. You'll be glad you started it with Torani Breakfast Blend.

Torani Breakfast Blend is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

Discontinued by the manufacturer.

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