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Timothy's Mocha Java 24ct

Timothy's Mocha Java 24ct

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A spin on the traditional mocha! Timothy's Mocha Java contains 2 different coffees from different origin countries blended together to create a great tasting cup of coffee! Timothy's took beans from Ethiopia and decided to blend them with beans from Indonesia and after you try this coffee, you will see it was a match made in coffee heaven! Timothy's Mocha Java is a medium roast that gets its subtle sweet flavour notes lended to it from the Ethiopian beans while the Indonesian beans bring their smooth flavour to the table! If you've tried Ethiopian coffee and Indonesian coffee on their own, you will love them when they are put together! Whether this blend was a happy accident or completely intentional, somehow it works for this well-balanced blend. Although the word "mocha" usually means coffee and hot chocolate mixed together, please be aware that this k-cup is not a flavoured roast and does not contain any type of hot chocolate in it! The word "mocha" is simply used to describe the two different coffees being brought together to give you one beverage! So shake things up and give this coffee a try, a unique way of enjoying 2 coffees in one!

Timothy's Mocha Java is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

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