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Skinnygirl Half-Caff 24Ct

Skinnygirl Half-Caff 24Ct

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The perfect coffee for when you need caffeine, but not as much as a regular coffee. Skinny Girl Half-Caff is the perfect solution for caffeine sensitive coffee drinkers. If the caffeine in a regular coffee is too much, have you tried switching to a half-caff option? Skinny Girl Half-Caff is a medium roast that uses 100% Rainforest Alliance certified beans. The part of this coffee that is decaffeinated has been done so using the Swiss Water Process. Another reason to love this coffee! The Swiss Water Process means that no harsh chemicals were used in the decaffeination process of this coffee. It makes you wonder why anyone would choose anything else?! Caffeine effects everyone differently. That's why there are half-caff options available! But a half-caff coffee is also perfect for when having a full caffeinated coffee isn't such a good idea. Like in the evening, or when you've already had your morning coffee but need just a little bit extra! Skinny Girl Half-Caff makes switching to lower caffeine easy! A great tasting medium roast, the taste will never give away the fact that it's only half caffeinated!

Skinny Girl Half-Caff is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

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