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Skinnygirl Breakfast Blend 24Ct (BBD Jan 24/2021)

Skinnygirl Breakfast Blend 24Ct (BBD Jan 24/2021)

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The beginning of the day should always start with a great breakfast blend! Skinnygirl Breakfast Blend will make a great addition to your morning. Brighten your day with this smooth and aromatic blend. This light roast coffee is expertly roasted to give you a light roasted coffee with a great flavour profile. When you hit brew on this k-cup citrus notes will fill the air and awaken your senses. What more could you ask from your morning coffee? A perfectly balanced blend to give you a great platform for a perfectly balanced day! Did you know that light roast coffee has the highest caffeine content? This is why most light roasts are called "Breakfast Blend"; Because you drink them first thing in the morning to get you moving with that kick of caffeine. Skinnygirl Breakfast Blend is a coffee you can rely on morning to morning. If your mornings are hectic, relax and take a moment to enjoy a cup of coffee that everyone deserves to start their morning with. You'll be glad you started it with Skinnygirl Breakfast Blend.
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