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Kahlua Coffee Original 24ct - 2.0 COMPATIBLE

Kahlua Coffee Original 24ct - 2.0 COMPATIBLE

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Kahlua is coffee flavoured liquor, so it only makes sense to create a Kahlua flavoured coffee! Timothy's Kahlua brings everything you love about Kahlua liquor to your Keurig. Although there is no actual alcohol content in this k-cup, the flavour is very present! When you brew this k-cup the aroma of vanilla, caramel, and Kahlua will fill the room. It is light roasted which allows for the full flavour of Kahlua to shine through uninterrupted! Timothy's Kahlua has a low acidity which also enhances the flavours of the coffee to come through. This coffee is best suited for light roast drinkers and if you're using this coffee as an evening treat, try adding a splash of real Kahlua to your cup! This one will be sure to impress your dinner guests. Along with the flavour of Kahlua liquor, you will notice subtle hints of vanilla and toffee. Even if you don't like Kahlua liquor this one is worth trying! It has so much more to offer than just liquor flavour. Timothy's Kahlua is made with 100% Arabica beans because of their excellent qualities, it pairs well with the flavour of rum and those hints of vanilla and caramel. Brew up a cup and enjoy the flavour of Kahlua any time of day!

Timothy's Kahlua is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

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