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Green Mountain Kenya Highlands 24ct (DISCONTINUED)

Green Mountain Kenya Highlands 24ct (DISCONTINUED)

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Some say Kenyan coffee is the closest you can come to a perfect cup of coffee. Green Mountain Kenya is no exception. This coffee is a medium leaving you with subtle flavours of wine and fruit. Upon finishing this coffee you will also taste a blackberry finish. Complex flavours and a full body are what makes this coffee a great one! Green Mountain Kenya has been labelled one of the best k-cups you can get for your Keurig. Amazing flavour, great aroma and a full body. Coffee critics everywhere are raving about this k-cup. Green Mountain Kenya has a bright acidity and is sometimes referred to as a medium-dark roast. It could be the very specific growing conditions that make this coffee so close to perfect. High elevations and natural soil compositions lend a hand to the full, robust fruity flavours of Kenyan coffee. If you want to try what has been deemed some of the best coffee you could find for your Keurig brewer, Green Mountain Kenya is definitely a must!

Green Mountain Kenya is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!


Discontinued by the manufacturer.

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