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Carlo's Bakery Vanilla Buttercream 24ct

Carlo's Bakery Vanilla Buttercream 24ct

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If we trust anyone with a buttercream flavoured coffee it's definitely this guy! Cake Boss Vanilla Buttercream is full of delicious vanilla frosting flavour. It literally tastes like you're drinking a cupcake. Ever watch Cake Boss and get an instant craving for a delicious piece of cake? Us too! Now you can brew up a Cake Boss Vanilla Buttercream and enjoy the flavours or cupcakes while you watch. It's ALMOST as good as the real thing. As soon as you hit brew, you Keurig releases the sweet aroma of a fresh batch of cupcakes. The taste is smooth and flavourful. Skip the tub of icing, and just go right to this flavoured coffee! No calories, sugar or fat are added to flavoured coffee, so this is a guilt free way to enjoy to addicting flavours of vanilla frosting. What better way to start your day than with a delicious Cake Boss Vanilla Buttercream coffee in your hand? You'll want to start every day this way, and we don't blame you!

Cake Boss Vanilla Buttercream is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

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