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Adagio Caffe Napoli 24ct

Adagio Caffe Napoli 24ct

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If you like your coffee strong and powerful, keep reading. Adagio Caffe Napoli offers you an intense dark roast to enjoy from your Keurig brewer. With a complex flavour profile of pepper, spice and slight cocoa tones, you won't get bored of this dark roast anytime soon. Adagio Caffe Napoli is strong and rich and also offers a slight spiciness complimenting each sip you take. This coffee is anything but boring. Every time you take a drink of this coffee, an explosion of flavours happens. If you drink a dark roast, I'm sure you're looking for big bold flavours to bring your palate to life every day. That is exactly what Adagio Caffe Napoli is offering you. Truly a coffee that every dark roast drinker needs to try and we're sure you will fall in love with it. Adagio Caffe Napoli takes true Italian tradition and roasts it right into each cup they make. Brew this complex dark roast and fall in love with the rich aroma and even better flavour!

Adagio Caffe Napoli is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

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