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Timothy's Pumpkin Spice 24ct (Seasonal)

Timothy's Pumpkin Spice 24ct (Seasonal)

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Who doesn't love the spicy and warm flavours of fall? Timothy's Pumpkin Spice is a medium roast flavoured coffee that captures the essence of autumn in each sip. It's a perfectly spicy blend of cinnamon and pumpkin flavour that you can enjoy while the leaves are changing and you need a warm pick me up. This K-cup is one you will enjoy for the entire season and long after too! Pumpkin Spice is such a popular flavour that you'll be happy to have it in your pantry all year round.

This flavoured coffee has been flavoured using an oil that is sprayed over the beans as they are roasting. Not many flavoured coffees come in a medium roast, but Timothy's Pumpkin Spice is roasted to a medium perfection.

One thing we love about flavoured coffee is that there are no calories or fat in these delicious treats! You can enjoy all the Timothy's Pumpkin Spice you want, without ever feeling guilty. This also means you can make your Pumpkin Spice coffee exactly how you like it; Cream, milk, sugar, sweetener. Whatever you want!

Timothy's Pumpkin Spice is Keurig 2.0 Compatible!

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